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Free to a good home.

Submitted by mybulova_admin on June 16, 2019 - 10:53pm
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This is a great place to post any watches or parts that you'd like to give a way to a fellow member for free.

The member receiving must pay for any postage incurred by the member giving at an agree amount.

Please use the sites Private Messaging system for all communications.

If the seller could also update this page once the item have been re-homed.


WTB crown #825W

Submitted by Pucciowitz on June 7, 2023 - 5:39am
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Hi all,

I'm a new member, so I take chance to say hello to all of you!

I'm looking for a crown, 6.5mm diameter and 2.5mm tube... the reference should be 825W.

The Bulova is a Chronograph "D", 909 case, with 14EBD movement (7734). 

Someone have a spare?



New member here, looking for case reference 2661 Accutron Pulsation

Submitted by kpaxsg on May 23, 2023 - 8:44pm
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Hi guys! New member here, thank you for the opportunity to be part of the forum.

Accutron Pulsation

I was attracted to a particular model being a medic myself previously for this model. I managed to get the dial and movement ( not tested yet as the battery 344 is not available here) i was wandering if anyone can point me to where i can get the case to house it? Many thanks in advance!


Submitted by JermR82 on May 14, 2023 - 10:23pm
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I am in need of a caseback for a Vietnam War issue Bulova Mil-W-3818A. I have the watch but just need the correct caseback. If anyone has a spare and is willing to part with it, I'd appreciate it. 

Accuquartz LCD 226 (mod. 2260) LCD display

Submitted by looking4awayout on May 11, 2023 - 7:10am
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Hello everyone, I've recently acquired a Bulova Accuquartz 226, the forgotten LCD counterpart of the 228 "Big Block" LED watch. From the little (if almost non existent) material I found on the internet, it seems to be quite rare. Mine -miraculously- works but it needs a new LCD panel, as the one on my watch fades to black after a couple of minutes I wear it on the wrist.

I'd be very grateful if anyone of you has the part I'm looking for. :)

Kindly Advice Regarding New Old Stock Parts

Submitted by dcflipper on April 23, 2023 - 6:55am
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Hello all, and thank you for allowing me to be part of this amazing Bulova resource. I sell vintage watch parts & materials on eBay. I recently acquired a large Bulova parts collection from a retired watchmaker and have been listing away for the last two weeks. Yesterday, I realized some of my sealed old stock parts are degraded and rusted, making them worthless. Now I am in a rush to go through the 100s of parts I've listed and check each for condition.

art deco watch hands

Submitted by jackteet on March 23, 2023 - 10:34pm
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Hi, apologies if I am posting in the wrong section. I am looking to buy a 1928 Bulova which has what I believe are called cathedral hands. I have looked on ebay and contacted a couple of sellers but without success. I can purchase hands that will fir the movement but I want the original hands from 1928. Esslinger cant help and a google search has been a waste of time. can anyone please reco a seller who might have these hands available. TIA. jack.

PS, I was hopinh to add a pic but I cant see any facilities for that

Need Crown for Early WWII Bulova A-11

Submitted by flyer92 on March 17, 2023 - 12:51am
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Greetings all!  New member here, desperately seeking a hard-to-find part.  Along with other A-11 examples from Elgin and Waltham, I have been the proud owner of an early WWII Bulova A-11 with sterling silver case.  Unfortunately, it has a plated crown, which is found on the majority of these watches, but obviously isn't the right one for the limited-production sterling silver case.  Not only is it incorrect, but it stands out like a sore thumb because it is so shiny against the tarnished case.  Just wondering if anyone knows of a source or even has a crown they'd be willing to sell so I can