Why donate to myBulova.com

Since its inception in 2006 the myBulova.com website has always been about helping people find valuable information about a vintage Bulova watch. Over the years this site has helped a great number of people connect with their vintage Bulova.

myBulova.com has become one of the premier resources for vintage Bulova watch information worldwide thanks to its members and its policy to keep membership free.

As more and more vintage Bulova watches are handed down from previous generations to the next, this information will become even more valuable. Sharing the passion and knowledge for this wonderful watch brand is what makes this site so successful and useful.

The myBulova.com website is now accepting donations for the following:

  • To help cover the hosting and maintenance costs. As the Watch and Vintage Watch Ads database grows increasingly bigger so does the hosting and bandwidth requirements.
  • The purchase of vintage Bulova adverts and catalogs. There are many low resolution vintage adverts on the site that need updating. Donations will be put towards the purchase of original adverts which will be scanned at a higher resolution and added to the site for all to access. Similarly all catalogs purchased will also be scanned and added.

Any and all donations will be gratefully accepted and used 100% for the purposes of the myBulova.com website.