Bulova 1932 White Prince

Submitted by jameo12 on September 21, 2012 - 10:30am
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I really know 0 about watches. The story behind this particular watch is that it belonged to my great  grandfather whom had my great grandmothers initials engraved on the backside of the case. The watch has been in my family since the original purchase.  I tried to take photos of it as best as possible, I'm no watch photographer that is for certain. The inside case number took a good amount of positioning to actually read them. The inside 'glass?' cover has is tinged yellow but intact. The case has a decent about of surface scrapes, I assume the could easily be buffed out once it's all cleaned. I have no idea how the watch itself works so I don't know if the thing actually works or not. Sorry if this is vague or not normal format.

1932 Bulova White Prince
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
Posted September 21, 2012 - 11:05am

Hello 1932 Jump Hour. It is realy great to know the history behind a watch like this. Some thing you can pass down in your family along with the story of it's beginnings.Definitely worth getting all fixed up and as close to original as possible.




Posted September 21, 2012 - 11:18am


Very interesting - all current Database examples of the 1932 Jump Hour are listed as having 13 AT Movements.

Can We confirm that the Case seriel number is taken from inside the Caseback and begins with an 8?

Posted September 21, 2012 - 11:19am

Going by the info that the owner provided I would say a '32 movement in a '38 case.

Posted September 21, 2012 - 11:33am

Hmm, didn't think about dueling case #'s.

Posted September 21, 2012 - 11:46am

Owner states he had trouble reading the inside case number, so must be from inside.

Posted September 21, 2012 - 11:59am

The case number I provided was from the inside. The outside case number is 245040

Posted September 21, 2012 - 12:11pm

Are you sure the inside case SN starts with an 8? The inside SN is seven numbers and is used to date the case, not the outside ones. This is definitely a 1932 style jump hour watch, but the case SN says 1938. Something is not right there!

Posted September 21, 2012 - 12:20pm

You know what, I took a mag to it and it is actually a 2. There is a scratch that goes across it and made it look like an eight. So that makes the inside case number- 2179260 -sorry about that.

Posted September 21, 2012 - 12:26pm

That's better! :^)

I noticed that several of these watches in the DB use the outside case numbers for the SN, an incorrect method and used quite a lot in older posts.

Posted September 21, 2012 - 12:40pm

An interesting piece, can the Case serial number be updated in the record?



1932 'JUMP HOUR'