Wanted: 1932 Jump Hour Caliber 13AT 15 Jewel.

Submitted by ob1kadrobe on October 11, 2014 - 5:01pm

Hello Everyone, I have just acquired a very good quality condition 1932 Jump Hour Bulova with the Nickel Tonneau case. The movement/caliber that came with it is not a Bulova. It is swiss made, looks quite quality made, and is missing the seconds wheel. However, it is over wound. I knew this when I purchased the watch.

Therefore, I am looking for the correct movement to bring this watch back to working condition as close to original as possible.

Can anyone here offer advice as to wear I can get the Movement for this '32 Jump Hour or other potential leads. Any dealers info would be much appreciated. I have postetd images of the case and movement. Thanks.