Crown #142 yellow (or trade for #103AY)

Submitted by Habitant on November 27, 2014 - 5:21am

Hi, I have an NOS #103AY crown (ø 5.50mm x 2.85 D - Tap 12), but I really need a #142 - the 103 is actually a bit too large for the case (visible here and I'd love to source a 142. According to the information on this site, the #103 is for, mostly, the calibre 10B; it's domed. Pictures can be supplied.

I'd love to do a trade, if anyone's up for that. But if not, I'd love to buy one - there is someone on eBay selling one, but their post cost alone to my address in the UK is $12, which strikes me as being a bit silly.

Anyone out there able to suggest a solution/do a deal?


Thanks in advance.