Bulova 1978 Oceanographer

Submitted by jabs on February 28, 2016 - 4:49am
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1978 Oceanographer

1978 Oceanographer
1978 Bulova watch
1978 Bulova watch
1978 Bulova watch
1978 Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
Geoff Baker
Posted February 28, 2016 - 6:49am

Nice watch Jaroslav, I've have a couple of these over the years. I really like the gold / stainless combination on them. This one appears to be in very good condition. 


Posted February 28, 2016 - 10:22am


Posted March 4, 2016 - 1:58pm


Reverend Rob
Posted March 4, 2016 - 3:04pm

An excellent quality modern watch with the ETA 2879, the slower (21,600) beat version of the 2878. These were made concurrently with the more well known ETA workhorse, the 2824, which boasted the faster beat rate of 28,800. Very underrated, in my opinion, these watches and the Sevilles were top drawer and to get this kind of quality today, you would be paying upwards of $500. 

Oceanographer it is.

William Smith
Posted March 5, 2016 - 5:48am


Posted October 23, 2021 - 6:38pm

I have a couple Oceanographers with the 10K gold bezel and it is noted as such on the case back. I have this model also with a case number R309 inside the case back. Does anyone know if some of the Oceanographers were made with a non-10K Bezel. I could pop it off and test it but the case and bezel are in nearly perfect condition so I really do not want to remove the bezel to test it and end up damaging it. 


Geoff Baker
Posted October 23, 2021 - 9:11pm

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Hard to be certain but I'm willing to bet that any Oceanographer with this bezel was 10K

Posted October 24, 2021 - 6:37am

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Thanks Geoff,

I just did a search online for R309 and found one that was sold in 2010 and they had it listed as a 10K Electroplate. Maybe that is why it was not noted on the caseback as 10K gold. Still a very nice watch.

Posted October 25, 2021 - 1:56am

Confirmation that the bezel ring was 10K gold.

Bulova Oceanographer "D"

Posted March 5, 2022 - 3:11am

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Thanks for the reply,

I thought I had replied to this before. I think that is a different model. The one in the original post and my watch also, has the extended side of the bezel around the crown and has a Day Date Calendar on the dial.