Bulova 1972 Bulova 30

Submitted by gmmy775 on February 9, 2024 - 12:52am
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Bulova 30 Jewel micro-Rotor 12EBACD  SS 416952 N2/M8 reference R/7283

Case Dimensions:

  • Width w/o Crown:          37.35 mm
  • Length:                          41.00 mm hidden lugs
  • Depth:                             6.65 mm wo/crystal, 10.10 mm w/crystal
  • Lug Width:                    19.00 mm
  • Crystal:                          32.05Dia mm, in watch.  Domed acrylic
  • Crown:                            4.95Dia mm, signed
  • Inside case back:  Inscriptions:   R/; 7283; Swiss. 
  • Engraving on outside case back:  BULOVA; 416952; N2; Stainless Steel

Movement:  12EBACD Automatic Micro-Rotor 30 Jewel

Engraving on Movement:   BULOVA  WATCH CO; 12EBACD; 30 Jewels; Swiss; M8.  Under each side of Balance Wheel:  SX; D

Notes:  This is my third green dial example of this model. I also had a blue dial one, but it became a key element in a multi-watch trade for a Ulysse Nardin Maxi-Diver.  It was one of my favorite watches, and I miss it.  I think this is one of the most exotic Bulovas from this era.  As long as they show up on one of the marketplaces at an acceptable price I am going to collect them.  I am not likely to turn down a 30 jewel micro-rotor.  Probably the best running of the four (what I am calling) R7283s I have owned, at least on my timegrapher.  Only slight difference with this one is a slightly larger signed crown, and no ink stamps on the inside case back.

I should comment that all four of these have had an M8 code on the Buren/Hamilton cal. 1321 movement, and a N2 code on the case back.  The serial numbers are also in a relatively tight group.  I do know that beginning in 1969 Hamilton ceased their US operations, transferring it all to the Swiss Buren factory.  Since both the 17 and 30 jewel Burens were all produced for Bulova with bespoke bridges and engraving, it seems likely to me that Hamilton was no longer supplying these to Bulova, leaving them with a supply of 12EBA/EBACD calibers with 1968 bridges.

Front 01 02-08-2024
Case back, outer 02-08-2024
Movement 02-08-2024
Caseback, inner 02-08-2024
Front 02 02-08-2024
Geoff Baker
Posted February 9, 2024 - 9:13pm

Jimmy - you're repeating yourself!! 1972 Bulova 30 just like your other TWO. #1 and #2.....OOPS, there are THREE of them Jimmy! WHEW May I suggest a different model for you to collect? Well done man.

Posted February 10, 2024 - 1:19am

In reply to by Geoff Baker

Hi Geoff!

Guilty as charged.  I do love this particular model and I just can't help myself when they come across.  Truth, I am down to just two of the green ones now.  The blue one was prominent in a trade that saw me also turn loose of an Alpina GMT; a Rado cermaic/steel hybrid; an older Omega Seamaster; and a few other interesting vintage pieces for the original model of Nardin Maxi-Marine.  Then the better of my two (then) green ones got partially swapped for a 1953 Rolex Precision with a full bracelet. Michael Cousineau was never able to get the second greenie running perfect, so I do still have that one and and waiting for a replacement 12EBACD.  When mounted on a heavier slinky bracelet they make a good impression on traders who don't normally look for Bulova, except for of course Devil Divers, Super Sevilles, and Parking Meters.  I think it is because they are quite flat and wear big and hefty, though they are 50 years old.   So I was running low (grin).  And I am frantically looking for a replacement blue.  That one left a hole.

I have started to turn my attention to the early 70s Bulovas.  Though the movements aren't as crisp as the 50s and 60s ones, there have somewhat wild dials on a number of them.  I have become a bit pickier in my buys now, and am mostly looking for examples that are in really good shape.  I do have a few other Bulovas that I have picked up that I will post as time allows, but they are fairly run of the mill.  I do like to contribute to the database you champs have spent years to compile.  Everyone i know uses MyBulova as first point of reference for vintage. 

I wish there was a side project for the 90s and early 2000s Accu-Swiss and identical Accutrons with ETA and Sellita movements.  Some of the best built and attractive watches they ever made.  Have a half dozen or more, love them.

Well Geoff, back to the grind.  I would ask if you had anything interesting you wanted to part with, but you are probably worse than I am.  Chat with you later.


p.s.  I have a big surprise Bulova that I will post soon.  100% the real deal, and the only one I have ever seen

Kathy L.
Posted February 10, 2024 - 10:55am

Beautiful watches, I don't blame you for collecting them!

1972 Bulova 30

Posted February 10, 2024 - 1:42pm

In reply to by Kathy L.

Thank you esteemed Panelist Kathy.  At least one person doesn't think I have lost it (smile)

Posted February 10, 2024 - 7:52pm

I still haven'tbeen able to find a confirming advert or linebook entry and it's just our luck that the 1972 Linebook is missing from the archives. I had the chance to buy a copy many years back, but the price was very high, so I know the linebook exists. Hopefully it'll resurce once day at an affordabe price or be donated to the Bulova museum archives.

ID'ing the same as the otherfs in the database: 1972 Bulova 30.

A very nice example.

Posted February 10, 2024 - 7:56pm

That is a real beauty.

 1972 Bulova  "30"  for now