Bulova 1950 Standish

Submitted by Stinky_Sullivan on July 9, 2023 - 12:10am
Manufacture Year
Movement Model
Movement Date Code
49 (A9)
Movement Jewels
Case Serial No.
Case shape
Case color
Case Manufacturer
Crystal details
G-S CMN300
Watch Description

1950 Bulova Stanton (possibly)
L0 date code
SN 4201387

17 jewel 10BM movement
A9 date code

original bracelet in EXCELLENT condition. If you were to see it after I cleaned it and told you it was NOS, you’d believe it.

I believe this to be the Stanton. It looks just like the Standish but the Standish has engraving on the sides.

There is a good explanation of the difference between the Shoreham, Standish, and Stanton in the discussion of the other 1950 Stanton in the DB.


1950 Bulova Standish dial
1950 Bulova Standish case back
1950 Bulova Standish movement
1950 Bulova Standish profile
1950 Bulova Standish profile
1950 Bulova Standish bracelet
Posted July 10, 2023 - 5:27pm

Nice one! I will go with

1950 Stanton as well.

Geoff Baker
Posted July 10, 2023 - 9:25pm

1950 Bulova Stanton

Posted July 12, 2023 - 7:23am

The only advert I could find on site showing one of the 3 reference watches is for the 1950 Shoreham. One thing I've just noticed is the distinctive inner corner-cut bezel and minute track. The below advert certainly looks to show a matched bezel shape. It's not clear though to determine if the case is plain or engraved, although the seven examples we have on site are all engraved and look to match.

1950 Bulova Shoreham

...and one now showing clear full top,bottom and sides engraved case.

Thus I think we can cross the Shoreham off the list.

Listed Standish models we have all show sides only, leaving the plain bezel version, which we by way of deduction must ID as a Stanton.

NOTE: We have no advert for either the Standish or Stanton, so they may very well be around the other way.


Posted July 12, 2023 - 6:00pm

There is a Westfield model that is a dead ringer for this watch in a 1957 linebooks.

Posted July 12, 2023 - 6:12pm

In reply to by Stinky_Sullivan

I'm not sure. It doesn't help with an ID confirmation, I just found it interesting.

1957 Westfield Cortlandt

Posted July 12, 2023 - 6:23pm

In reply to by mybulova_admin

Now I understand what you were saying. I didn't know what a Westfield was. I think there are 3 possibilities.

1) There was some collaboration between Bulova and Westfield.
2) Another company other than Bulova owned the case design and licensed it to both Bulova and Westfield.
3) Westfield copied Bulova's design.

I've seen listings where descriptions of Westfield watches referenced Bulova. I'm assuming there is a connection.

Posted July 12, 2023 - 6:34pm

In reply to by Stinky_Sullivan

I'm pretty sure Bulova owned Westfield. It was a brand for the cheaper market in watches. After Westfields, Bulova sold Caravelles as the cheaper brand. I've got several Westfields that look almost identical to Bulovas, but the movements are not the same. 

Posted July 12, 2023 - 7:49pm

In reply to by 1955mercury

Correct, Westfield was a subsidiary of Bulova, so technically Bulova made them. Whilst we typically do not discuss them here, I found it worthwhile adding to this discussion.

Posted July 12, 2023 - 7:51pm

In reply to by mybulova_admin

I figured there had to be a close connection since you have a Bulova line book type entry for a Westfield watch. Very interesting.