Bulova 1948 His Excellency

Submitted by andrew5109 on April 11, 2021 - 8:22pm
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Hi everyone, thank you so much for helping me identify this watch. After looking at the other watches on this great site, I'm inclined to say that it's a 1948 His Excellency, although I haven't been able to find the exact same watch in the photos that are currently uploaded. It's 14K gold filled, and appears to be rose gold despite the camera making it look like yellow gold. The dial itself is pink.

I'd be happy to open the case to provide more details, but I have no idea how to do that! If anyone has a clue, I would really appreciate it. I've tried pushing on the small bump next to the serial number on the back to no avail.

Front of watch. 04/11/2021
Back of watch. 04/11/2021
Kathy L.
Posted April 12, 2021 - 10:31am

Welcome to myBulova and thank you for sharing your watch with us!  It is a beauty, I love the rose gold watches and dials.  I do believe this is a His Excellency.  Like the "GG" in yellow but in pink.  Like this one in white https://mybulova.com/watches/1949-his-excellency-777?page=1

ad for "GG"

To remove the back it is best to buy a watch back remover tool so you don't scratch the back.  They are inexpensive on Amazon or eBay etc., they kind of look like a little knife with a yellow handle. 

1948 Bulova His Excellency 

Kathy L.
Posted April 12, 2021 - 2:39pm

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Nice Jim!  Love it when a string tag is available to work out variants!

1948 Bulova His Excellency "HH"

Posted April 12, 2021 - 2:26pm

Thank you for the kind and helpful comments, everyone! I think it does seem like the 1948 HH. Now I just have to get it running again -- I took it to a watch repair guy and he wasn't sure how to get it open. Where on the watch should I use the tool? 

Kathy L.
Posted April 12, 2021 - 2:41pm

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The little lip about the serial number is where you will place the blade between it and the case.  Give it a pop : )

Geoff Baker
Posted April 12, 2021 - 10:20pm

Andrew, if I may....any 'watch guy' that doesn't know how to open your watch is not the guy you want to open it. I might even suggest you don't try to open it. We know enough about these models to correctly ID them without movement information. If you do have it professionally serviced the watchmaker can fill you in on the details of the movement. We might be able to direct to to a qualified watchmaker depending on where you live.

PS 1948 Bulova His Excellency HH is the model

Posted April 13, 2021 - 11:30am

Nice example of the

1948 Bulova His Excellency "HH" 

Posted April 20, 2021 - 10:59pm

dear all,

thank you so much again for identifying my watch as the Bulova His Excellency "HH." I had it serviced by a professional and I'm in love with it. I'll try to post better pictures soon! In the meantime I was wondering -- and maybe this is the wrong place -- but does anyone know the dimensions/name of the acrylic glass? It was loose and fell off on a walk today :/ I'm hoping to get it replaced

Posted April 21, 2021 - 12:04am

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You need to reach back out to the watch maker.   This is clearly an issue where the watch crystal was not properly installed and should be covered under warranty.