Bulova 1934 -Non-Conforming

Submitted by Scronius on June 1, 2023 - 5:25pm
Manufacture Year
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Case shape
Case color
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Crystal details
Approximately 17.9mm wide, 21.6mm tall
Watch Description

I don't know much about the watch. It was in my late grandfather's collection and no one could tell me anything particular about it. He lived in Mexico but his family came from Europe and the watch might have traveled with them. I didn't try to open the case so I don't have any information about the movement but I can try to open it up if more information is needed. The dimensions are 21.9mm wide, 28.6mm tall for the main body. There's a stamp on the bottom of the case which I believe says 10k R.G.P. and has a e in a diamond. If I wind it, it will tick for a short period of time before stopping. Besides that I and what's in the photos I don't have any other information about the watch.

Bottom Stamp
Kathy L.
Posted June 1, 2023 - 5:46pm

Welcome to myBulova and thank you for sharing your father's watch with us.  Your watch is what we call "Non-Conforming". Meaning it is a mix of Bulova and Non-Bulova parts.  As such we can not match your watch to a model name.  I would place this watch around the late 40's or early 50's.  If you could get a photo of the movement that might give us a date code that would confirm the date.  It does not diminish it as a wonderful heirloom, enjoy it!!



Geoff Baker
Posted June 2, 2023 - 8:45pm

Heirloom watches are special, you're very fortunate to have this keepsake from your father. While we cannot identify it as a Bulova model the value is still priceless. Congratulations on having it.

Posted June 3, 2023 - 6:38am

I agree with Kathy, case style reminds me of a late 1940s His Excellency styling.The dial texture is very unique.I don't think I ever seen this style, so wonder if that was also customised

Looking forward to seeing the movement, if that's possible.