Bulova's Lume History

Submitted by SPETERS4046 on March 12, 2021 - 11:33am

Hello everyone!  This is my first post on this site, and I look forward to discussing and hopefully being able to contribute to the discussions about this wonderful watch brand!  So the question I have is in regards to Bulova's lume material history, more specifically radium.  In doing some research, a lot of material I read is not overly specific as to when radium was discontinued.  Does anyone know of a specific year of production that Bulova may have stopped using it?  As I have small children in my home, I have made an effort to avoid bringing radium lumed watches into my home, not wanting to take that risk, no matter how small it is.  I recently purchased an Accutron, with a date code of 1966.  There is no "T" indication on the dial identifying tritium, so I'm unsure if this would be radium or not.  Given that it is later 60's I would think not but if possible could someone confirm this for me?

Geoff Baker
Posted March 17, 2021 - 9:00pm

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We really aren't certain when Bulova stopped using radium. Most of the internet 'experts' agree that post 1960 most watch companies had stopped. Best guess is that by 1970 all had. If you are concerned I suggest having it tested using a geiger.

A couple resources:

1. Our very own Reverend Rob Phillips is a watchmaker and has contributed to several forums on the use and danger of radium. Here's a good explanation

2. Jack Forster, of Hodinkee did a good explanation of all things the glow in the dark here.