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Warwick Watch Company

Submitted by thom on December 26, 2023 - 1:32am

Who contracted with Bulova and who did Bulova own? I don't claim to know the answers but an observation I've made over the years is with Warwick Watch Company. I am trained as a jeweler and had my family store that came down through my family. In the 1980's I bought a 72 piece collection of Warwick watches from a customer, I don't own any of those but I kept accurate records in case anything came in that was stolen. Of the 72 piece collection I noticed that 27 of the watches had American Standard cases and movements very similiar in design to Westfield/Bulova Movements.

recent repair and restoration of my Accutron 214 N0 and Accutron 218 N2 by a member repairman

Submitted by james shaner on December 16, 2023 - 6:57am

     I recently acquired an Accutron 214 (N0) and an Accutron 218 (N2).  I have never owned one.  They did not work even with new batteries.  I found a member of yours, John V. of Time & Again of Apopka FL online.  I took a chance and sent my watches to him for restoration.  The entire experience with him was pleasant!  He was very professional and thorough, has much expertise, communicative, obviously dedicated.   He itemized everything he did, explained his considerable work in detail, even sent me photos of his progress.  His price to fix both watches was very reasonable too!

"Bulova Quality" marking

Submitted by thom on December 10, 2023 - 10:04pm

Everything is copied verbatum from the record.

It appears Bulova switch to the “Bulova Quality” marking instead of the Karat marking on the watch cases because they reduced the gold content in the cases and did not want to advertise the reduction.

June 14, 1930 Congressional Record – House 10835

Bulova “Lone Eagle” watch not 14-Karat white gold filled

Nov 13, 1929 Bulova Subsiaries

Submitted by thom on December 10, 2023 - 10:01pm

Everything below is copied verbatum, parenthesis appear in the original record of proceedings from the US Congress June 14, 1930 in reference to a Senate Proceeding November 13, 1929. What is interesting is this point:

     Second. Knickerbocker watch Co., Westfield Watch Co., Arrow Jewelry Mfg Co., American Standard Warch Case Co. are listed separately but in reality are nothing but subsidiaries of Bulova Watch Co.


June 14 1930 Congressional Record – House 10840