Bulova 1973 Oceanographer

Submitted by gmmy775 on August 15, 2023 - 11:06pm
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Bulova Snorkel ref. 7095 in stainless steel w/cal. 11AOACB auto and 1973 movement.  My watchmaker has the timepiece at the moment, and I did not do measurements prior.  Also, I neglected to photo the outside of the caseback.  When it returns from service I will post a concise description.  I have owned the watch for about six months, and I do have a couple of questions for the esteemed panel.  One, is the bezel supposed to have click-stops, as this one just turns smoothly.  Two, is there a preferred method of removing the bezel from the case.  Three, are there any of these bezels available within the MyBulova community?  This one has a loss of black ink/paint in the first quadrant of the insert.  If a replacement bezel is not available, does anyone have experience in restoring this bezel insert to something close to original.

I do have a few other somewhat interesting vintage Bulovas to share, so I will get busy with the camera and calipers.

Thank you ahead of time for any enlightenment.  jimmy

snorkel 666 dial
snorkel 666 movement-1
snorkel 666 movement-2
snorkel 666 inside caseback
Posted January 2, 2024 - 1:20pm

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Hi Bartosz

I have compared all the 1971 "V" oceanographers on the site, and they certainly bear out your statement about the minute and sweep hands.  There is also another of these on ebay for 1850,*****Active eBay references not allowed per site rules***** (admin), and it conforms to that same expectation.  Any idea where the correct '71 hands might be obtained?  I am curious if there is any documentation concerning this model being only produced for one year?  This period was weird for Bulova in that a number of models were produced with movements being installed that were a year or two off.  As an example, I have now owned 4 Bulova 30 models with an N2 case that contained M8 micro-rotors. Having said that, I am trying to bring this one into spec for 71-72, so I will hold up on doing anything more to it until I find the correct hands.  Thank you for your insights, I had not noticed the discrepancy.