Bulova 1968 Snorkel

Submitted by CambridgeV8 on September 11, 2020 - 10:28am
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A recent addition to my small Bulova collection. I believe all orginal except crystal which I think should have a magnifier. If anyone can help me source a correct one it would be really appreciated. Has Bulova bracelet - not sure if this correct as not seen one on another but it seems to be in period. Lume on dial is still working but dead on hands and there is some lume loss there. Keeping excellent time. A birthday present to myself!

666 Front 1968 Sept 11 2020
666 Back 1968 Sept 11 2020
Bulova 666 Movt Sept 2020
Posted September 11, 2020 - 11:27am

Nice watch, welcome to mybulova and thanks for sharing. I would agree this watch started life with a crystal sporting a magnifier. Below is your watch as shown in Bulova 1969_LineBook_BAWD0170, with correct as purchased Bulova band.

Entry shows white face version and calls out variant H as same as above with black dial.

Snorkel H1

snorkel h2

1968 Snorkel "H"


Posted September 11, 2020 - 12:08pm

Thanks - so my ref is 11406-6W? Can I ask, the Snorkel name appears on a lot of dials but this is a 386-4 from 1968 without it. Were they simply using up the older dials or were they 2 different lines of watches?

Posted September 11, 2020 - 12:31pm

That is catalog # per Bulova, so I would say that is correct.The inclusion or exclusion of the word "Snorkel" on the dial is for me a bit foggy. I'm sure another member will comment on this. On some Snorkel models, it's on the dial and others not. The word Snorkel also appears on the dials of Oceanographers, and seems to indicate a subseries or feature (666 feet). Here is a 1968 ad showing your watch without Snorkel on dial.

1968 snorkel ad..  

Posted September 11, 2020 - 12:48pm

Thanks - thats certainly my watch! Does it have a date magnifier in crystal in that advert? Difficult to tell. Is there a good source for the crystals anyone can recommend? Ive looked on Ebay but drawn a blank. I am going to be in UK next week if anyone has a contact for them there, otherwise here in New York??

Posted September 11, 2020 - 2:27pm

Very nice watch.   Love it with the black dial.  1968 Bulova Snorkel "H".   I recently acquired one and all the enameling was gone from the bezel ring.  I used black enamel spray paint and a small brush to bring the numbers on the bezel ring back.   

Geoff Baker
Posted September 11, 2020 - 9:53pm

Hi Cambridge - Bulova used the "Snorkel" tag as a name in the mid sixties and then only on the dial after 1969-ish for he Oceanographer line. Your watch is one of the original Snorkel models after 1969 they stopped using Snorkel as a proper name.. 11406-6W is the catalog reference number, 386-4 is the case number and would be used to cross reference parts for the case. I looked up the case, it uses 386-3AWD crystal

1968 Bulova Snorkel H, nice watch. Happy Birthday!

Posted September 11, 2020 - 11:05pm

Thank you. Enjoying looking at my watch over a fine glass of wine to celebrate another year.