Bulova 1966 Accutron

Submitted by plainsmen on February 16, 2011 - 7:19pm
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It has a date stamp of M6, indicating a 1966 Accutron watch.

This band is orginal to the watch and it looks like someone might have tried to lightly inscribe an initial where the Accutron symbol is on the clasp.  The band has some corrosion and would need to be refurbished in order to be perfect.

As you can see from the pictures the dial and hands are in fantastic shape.  The crystal does have some cracks on one side by the 3, and would have to be replaced, but if your thinking of coverting it to a Spaceview this is probably your path anyway. 

The back of the watch has an inscription saying:

"H. Lundstrom, 25 Years of Service, October 7, 1966. 

  Fairchild Hiller - Republic Aviation Div."

I did some research on Republic Aviation and found that they were responsible for some of the United States military's best fighter planes! 

I did some research on H. Lundstrom - I found this:

Republic Aviation Community Day's Program from April 1958

It shows H. Lundstrom as a part of the "Credentials" Department.  Someone who is in Credentials works to supervise the Aviation Safety Program of the company.

During the 25 Years H. Lundstrom would have been with Republic Avation they produced some very famous American Warplanes such as:  

The Republic P-47


The F-105 Thunderchief  

One can imagine that Mr. Lundstrom would have worked intimately on both of these aircraft during his career with Republic Aviation!

1966 Accutron 214
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