Bulova 1961 Duchess

Submitted by Diamond Empress on November 22, 2017 - 8:19am
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1961 Bulova watch
1961 Bulova watch
Diamond Empress
Posted December 9, 2017 - 4:28am

Thank you so much for your feedback and comments. I hadn’t thought that the case might be mis-matched. So glad I asked for verification. Most grateful for your efforts.

Posted February 22, 2020 - 5:23pm

I think we need to revisit this one.  Based on the 1961 Line Book BAWD 0147 page 21 this is a 

1961 Duchess "E"

1961 Duchess "E"1961 Duchess "E"

Posted February 22, 2020 - 10:12pm

I wonder why watches end up in the wrong box.

Again we are now able to correctly ID so many watches with the aid of the linebook so graciously provided by Bulova themselves. 

It is wonderful to finally be able to provide correct IDs.

1961 Bulova Duchess "E" 

Posted February 22, 2020 - 11:11pm

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Agreed what an amazing resource to have.  These alone should account for about 2/3rd of there unknowns for the dates where we have the line books. 

Diamond Empress
Posted February 23, 2020 - 3:51am

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Thank you so much for the update and for everyone’s help in identifying my watch. It is much appreciated.

Posted February 23, 2020 - 9:40am

1961 Bulova Duchess "E" 

I suspect many long ago mis-matched boxes are the result of jewelry store "innocent human error". Most watches were displayed (unnamed) in showcases without the box or a nameplate. Box was under the counter beneath the watch display.  Customer says "I'll take that one". Clerk reaches under the counter, pulls out a clamshell case and sees " diamonds, solid 14K gold and 23 jewel movement" on inside. That's the correct box and nobody knows any different for 60 years.

Another common mis-match is estate cleaning. The internet has made that more obvious - One Bulova watch in dresser drawer and 1 Bulova box in closet "they must go together". Those are usually pretty easy to recognize ( ex. -1930's watch in a 1960's box)