Bulova 1958 His Excellency

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Bulova watch, dated coded "L8" on the back for 1958 year of manufacture. This model was known as the "His Excellency" and was likely one of the highest grade watches that Bulova offered at the time. It is basically a round watch, but has highly decorative curved lugs, and an engine turned dial that overall gives this watch a very "retro modern" look that was popular at the time. The back is engraved "Richard Baltis Outstanding Electrical Apprentice 1968" and it looks at though Mr. Baltis hardly ever wore the watch. The 10 year age difference between when the watch was made (1958) and when it was given to Mr. Baltis (1968) is easy to explain: It was not uncommon for watches back in those days to sit around in a jewelry store for 5, 10, or even more years before they were sold.

Specifics: Case measures 40.5mm high lug to lug by 34mm wide, not including crown. The case on this watch is designed so that that movement lifts out through the front of the watch rather than the back. The case of the watch is designed more or less as a "cup" which holds the movement. The bezel acts as a lid that snaps onto the case with considerable effort. A gasket between the case and the bezel acts as a barrier to help keep out dust and moisture; however this watch should NOT be considered water resistant and should NOT be submerged in water under any circumstances. This despite the fact that the watch is enscribed "WATERPROOF" on the back of the watch by the factory.

Case is 10kt yellow rolled gold plate, front and back. Case is in excellent condition. All gold plate is intact with no brassing or splitting of metal. The inside case back is enscribed "Bulova Fifth Ave. New York." The outside surface of the back, in addition to containing the personalized engraving, and the WATERPROOF is enscribed from the factory with the case serial number of C983193, and also PATENT PENDING.

Dial is in excellent to near mint original condition for its age. Vibrant colors of white and gold, and containing a beautiful engine turning at the outer edge, which contains alternating markers and Arabic numerals.

Crown is the original signed, and in excellent functioning condition.

Crystal appears to be the original acrylic and in excellent condition with no scratches or cracks.

Movement: The 23 jewel manual winding movement, and is a Caliber 10BP. I believe this is an unusual movement in that most Bulova 23 jewel calibers were automatic movements and not manual winding. This is a manual winding, and appears to be of superior quality and adjusted 6 times for position, heat, cold, and isochronism. I do not find a serial number on the movement, but it is date coded L8 to match the date enscribed on the case. The movement sets and winds perfectly. Movement runs at time of listing, but not known when the movement was last serviced.

Band: Used but good condition generic leather band attached as seen

Bulova His Excellency
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
Bulova Watch
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Didn't we kinda agree that for some of these His Excellency variants, the mount does indeed determine the variant letter(s)?
I think we all care, but mounts break over time.  Still, we may not be able to say it's the ? or ?? variant when that is determined by the mount.