Bulova 1955 Bulova 23

Submitted by V.Scott on February 14, 2021 - 9:48pm
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Pretty beat up automatic that still runs well, though a bit fast. The top right lug is bent a bit and a piece of the underside is missing. I'd imagine if someone were wearing it when it happened, they were hurt pretty bad. Having some trouble specifically identifying the model. "D" appears the closest as the other variants have different shaped lugs. (I think that is the right term.) Appears to be the original band.

Bulova, 23 Jewels, Self Winding, Six Adjustments
Seen better days, but still ticking away.
Bullova Watcxh Co. USA, Heat Isochronism Cold, 23 Jewel, L5
Bulova, Stainless Steel Back, Antimagnetic, ShockResistant, Self Winding, Water Tite.
Found this here, as well as another one. "D" seems the closest comparison that I have found.
Posted February 15, 2021 - 6:40am



Variant on the dial makes it a possible match for the Bulova 23 "H" variant....see below.

Bulova 23 "F" watch

Posted February 15, 2021 - 8:04am

Thanks for sharing!

1955 Bulova 23 "H" based on lug configuration and dial.

Geoff Baker
Posted February 15, 2021 - 9:14pm

Yes- that's an H. 1955 Bulova 23 H

Posted February 15, 2021 - 10:35pm

Agree it looks to be a Bulova 23 "H"

Posted February 16, 2021 - 9:12am

Ah, I see what I missed. The "D" doesn't have numbers. In the posted ad the "H" doesn't have "Six Adjustments" below "Self Winding". Does that make a difference?

Posted February 16, 2021 - 10:23am

Numbers vs hash marks on face is the ID factor. "Six Adjustments" on the dial is something we see on multiple 23 variants, but seems to only have been included on dials 1955-1956.

Posted February 16, 2021 - 9:27pm

Thank you all for your information. Looks like I left out clear pictures of the L5 on the back. I didn't find an exact add for it. I'm still a bit new at this.

Posted February 17, 2021 - 1:31pm

Since I am really new here, would this be called an automatic movement, or is that for battery operated watches?

An idea for admins, how about adding a lexicon of watch terms to the site? Know only a few, and memory is not great either. Thank you.

Posted February 17, 2021 - 3:46pm

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Automatic is a movement with a swinging weight inside that winds a mainspring.

Hand wind is just that.  A Duo-Wind is an early automatic that can also be wound by hand. Most all automatics (self winding) are Duo-wind.

Accutron, Accuquartz (an early quartz crystal /Accutron Hybrid) and quartz movements have their power supplied by a battery. The kinetic power to run the watch is from electrically stimulated vibration of a tuning fork (Accutron), quartz crystal or a combination (Accuquartz).

Subject watch is considered a self winding or automatic watch. Early automatics were referred to as Duo-wind, then self winding, and finally automatic.

Hand winding and automatics fall under the general category of "mechanical". All others are considered "electronic" for lack of a better word.

Posted February 17, 2021 - 6:01pm

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HAAAA! Thank you neetstuf.

I understand with your neat explanation, appreciate it.