Bulova 1943 Comptroller

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Correct me if I am mistaken... but I suspect the BULOVA "ROCKLAND" likely replaced the 1941 "KNICKERBOCKER," vs. the Clinton, which I see no mention of in any crystal catalog, prior to 1946! (The Knick sported the 8AE, then the powerplant was changed in '42, to the 8AH.) Then this same case and dial, etc. was again used in 1946+ in the "Clinton" model. (8AH again, Post WWII....) Only to be reintroduced as the "Chief," in 1948...

See also the  "Chief" (look alike) model I posted yesterday... along with my revision at the bottom of the Knickerbocker post, which was incorrectly labeled as such in the 1948 BB crystal catalog, vs. the Chief, the new (correct) model release... Hence my previous opinion that the Knick was the 1948 release, when it was the ORIGINAL model name used in this case design, from 1941...) 

I could be mistaken on the Rockland, but the war lasted (for the US) from Dec. 7th, 1941... until May 8th, 1945...  so WHY would they REUSE the model name, from 1942? (i.e. The almost certainly, wouldn't!) So unless the Clinton was unchanged and never stopped being produced AND was also a good seller from  1942 - 48, then there must be at least one more model name??? (i.e. The '42 Rockland?) 

Incidentally... this model was likely produced in rather small, to VERY SMALL numbers, in 1942... since the "war effort" soon became the main focus! And Shawn just listed it for sale here:

My Best :-)  William (Scott) Tiffee

Bulova watch Comptroller
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
Bulova Watch
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1943 Bulova Comptroller watch