Bulova 1943 Brewster

Submitted by plainsmen on March 2, 2011 - 6:26pm
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Found the other day in an antique store.... needs a redial, but the case was excellent under all that black tarnish.  17 Jewel, 10BA movement runs when shaken but will need a cleaning/servicing.

Sorry about the pics but I'm away from home and these were taken in a hotel bathroom with my cellphone.  They'll be better when I get home.

1943 Bulova Brewster
Bulova watch
Posted January 30, 2012 - 5:23pm

First row - 1941      Second row - 1942      Third row - 1943

Posted January 30, 2012 - 5:49pm


Could You elaborate? I can't read half of those....

: )

The difference I see in the ad below is the strap the Watch came on. 

But they're both Rose Gold Cased...

Scratch that, I see the bezel horizontals differ also.

Posted March 7, 2012 - 11:08am

Here is my attempt to elaborate on the ads that we have, as requested. 

As for the subject watch, the case style and jewel count match the ads for the Brewster, but the gold color does not.  I have the same watch and also consider it to be a Brewster based on the evidence available at this time. 

1941 – Attorney rose gold, 17 jewel, two wide rings on lugs, plain bezel

1941 – Brewster, rose gold, 17 jewels, two narrow rings on lugs, plain bezel

NOTE:  Difference between these two is in the bezel/lugs design.  They are really quite different, but you need a good view of them side-by-side

1941 – Gallahad, yellow gold, 21 jewels, two narrow rings on lugs, engraved bezel

NOTE:  To me, the Gallahad looks like the Brewster with engraving, but the jewel count is also different.  I have both models.  In fact, I have all three--Attorney, Brewster, Gallahad.


1942 – Attorney, yellow gold, 17 jewels, same case as previous year

1942 – Brewster, rose gold, 17 jewels, same case as previous year

NOTE:  I think this ad might have reversed the descriptions, because the Attorney has never been seen in anything other than rose, and the Brewster has been seen in yellow.

1942 – Emperor, yellow gold, no jewel count stated in ad, plain bezel

NOTE:  This one is a bit of a mystery to me, as the rings on the bezel look more like the attorney rings in that they appear flattened out rather than rounded, but there appears to be three of them rather than only two like the Attorney


1943 – Attorney, rose gold, 17 jewels, same case as previous years

1943 – Brewster, rose gold, 17 jewels, same case as previous years

1943 – Jefferson, yellow gold, 21 jewels, plain bezel, appears to have same case shape as the   Attorney, but it is difficult to be sure from the ad.  The jewel count may be the only distinguishing factor, if you believe the ad that indicates the Attorney came in yellow gold (I don't believe that ad).

el tel
Posted March 7, 2012 - 12:38pm

Here is my rose gold version . 10BC movement , 17 jewels dated 1948 . Edit - I notice that the second hand on watch crystals post dated March 6th 2011 on this thread also appears to show a red second hand. I assumed that the one on my watch was a later addition.    terry


Posted March 10, 2012 - 2:12pm

Also, the dimensions on the three that I have are not the same:

Galahad -  Case:  36.7mm lug to lug x 25.5 without crown (33.2mm without lug ends)

       Crystal:  23.7mm x 20.4mm

Attorney -  Case:  38.8mm lug to lug x 25.5 without crown (38.1 without lug ends)

                  Crystal: 23.7mm x 19.9mm (CMT346-14)

Brewster -  Case:   36.7mm lug to lug x 25.5 without crown (33.2mm without lug ends)

                  Crystal:  23.7mm x 19.9mm (CMT346-14)

In particular, note that the Attorney case is longer than the other two, and the Galahad crystal is wider than the other two.