Bulova 1936 American Clipper

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The BULOVA American Clipper. (1936 Saturday Evening Post display ad crops, for comparrison of the three 1936+ Clipper models...)


I'm not yet clear on what distinguishes the "Clipper," from the "Clipper B?" 15 or 19 Jewels?? And/or a 14 karat GF case vs. 10 k GF, perhaps??? And I have had several models with the "plain" bezel. (the basic "Clipper," perhaps?) The "Engraved" style, looks like the "Clipper B" Stephen posted, and also the black dial "C" model...


Unfortunately for me at the moment... Gary now has the "B," Marlin has the "C" and Philip will soon receive the plain bezel "Clipper? And I didn't denote the details about any of them, since they are being refurbed and resold! 


The "B" model apparently sports the 17J 10AE movement, and was likely manfactured from 1935/6- 38?


The "C" model speaks for itself, with the distinctive black dial...


HOWEVER... THE FACT THAT THE ILLUSTRATOR HAD "PLAIN" BEZELED WATCHES FOR REFERENCE, LEADS ME TO SUSPECT THAT ALL CLIPPERS in 1936 (an immediate sales hit?!) were likely then soon also an option and in turn "upsold" with the fancier "ENGRAVED" cases by mid 1936 or 37, as well?? They dials were consistent, so that leaves cases and bands, and perhaps +2 jewels, later on???


Best :-)  William

Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
Bulova Watch
Posted February 25, 2012 - 12:05am

I just acquired a Clipper C Black Dial 7AP 17 jewel movement complete with the dial and all hands and it runs quite well. I snagged it in the Phillippines for $18.75 us dollars shipping included. Now all I need is a case for it. Any one have an engraved or non engraved clipper case they want to sell or trade for??

When I get a case and have the dial refinished this one won't be forsale. It is one of my holy grail watches as I am enamoured by black dial watches. I will post the movement on the site this weekend if possible and you can all see what you think.

I sure do like yours William. I think they are among the classiest of the 30's era watches.


Fifth Ave Rest... Please PM me for discussion on this watch.


William Smith
Posted March 13, 2012 - 2:15pm

American Clipper (s) w/ and w/o engraving.  Hard to see the "curved to fit the wrist" w/o a side picture, but consistent w/ other details.  Three stars for these without letter designation for variant in ID title.  Ad's don't show engraving, so an assumption.  Any other ideas about engraving details?