Bulova 1935 -Unknown

Submitted by dhhirsch on November 10, 2013 - 12:51pm
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Here's a fun one.  I was surprised I was the only bidder, and fifty bucks seemed reasonable for such an interesting watch.  Anyway, I assume an early center sweep second hand like this is pretty scarce.  I've looked at the past discussions on center sweep watches and the hinged case matches this one, with the word "Bulova" above the 10k rolled gold marking:


Also, the movement has two date codes. An omega, so 1930, and a triangle for 1935, which is consistant with the case number beginning with a five.  There is also a number on the movement thats hard to read, since its partially covered by the wheel.  It looks like 5953*7...  The movement is 15 jewels, 4 adjustments...   The case does look like the Trident to me... So, the movement was made in 1930, but not used until 1935??

I assume its an early doctors watch, but the dial and markings are quite different from my 1938 Physician and my 1947 Surgeon...  It's running and keeping good time.  On my wrist as I write this...

Bulova watch
1935 Bulova watch
1935 Bulova watch
1935 Bulova watch
Posted November 10, 2013 - 2:40pm

This exact watch has showun once before and is still unidentified.



A couple of ads here as well as the other watch. 

Suggestions were possibly a Trident with a special/custom order movement and I believe that another ad was found that possibly showed this as a Lone Eagle variant.

Posted November 10, 2013 - 2:57pm

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Hi dhhirsh, your watch have a completely different dial, your watch has a central second hand TRIDENT has the second dial

Posted November 10, 2013 - 3:00pm

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Sorry, I was only referring to the case.  It appears to be an exact match for the Trident case... 

Posted November 10, 2013 - 4:02pm

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Here is an ad from another site.  This case looks to be engraved around the verticles on the case but shaped the same.

Again, the center sweep second hand was probably a special order by the customer.


Reverend Rob
Posted November 10, 2013 - 5:08pm

I'm seeing the 10ANC as a regular production model, based on the 10AN (1925-1937) perhaps this predates the stamping to indicate the CS or SS. This particular ebauche became several Bulova movts, the 10AE, 10AX, 10AM, 10AR, 10AW, 10AXCS, 10ANC. My guess is it's a doctor's watch, and may have a name denoting this use. Unknown for now..

Posted November 10, 2013 - 6:34pm

Yep, Unknown so far, I have a couple of these with the 10ANC from the early 30's in cushion cases.

I can see some watchmaker marks on the inside, it must be stamped Bulova on the back?

Posted November 10, 2013 - 7:02pm

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Yes, it has a small "Bulova" on the back, just above where it indicates it is 10k Rolled Gold Plate...

Posted November 10, 2013 - 7:43pm


Posted November 11, 2013 - 4:07am

I really like this watch as it's probably one of the earliest examples we see with a sweeping second hand. A nicely modified 10AN what I believe Believe produced.

I'd agree on the doctors style, but we still have no model name to label it accordingly.

Hopefully one days we'll find that illusive advert.

Unknown for me.