Bulova 1932 Calendar

Submitted by mybulova_admin on January 22, 2022 - 12:14am
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Received back in 2012 from member Wayne Hanley.

Note the lack of a case serial number.

1932 Bulova 10AC Calendar watch
1932 Bulova 10AC Calendar watch
1932 Bulova 10AC Calendar watch
1932 Bulova 10AC Calendar watch
1932 Bulova 10AC Calendar watch
Posted January 22, 2022 - 10:35am

Great watch, Stephen. Have you been able to get it functioning or are you still on the hunt for a unsalvageable donor movement? The lack of a s/n is interesting, I wonder if that was for a reason? Non-production prototype? The other 3 existing examples of 1932 calendar Bulovas that I am aware of are your square case, Ken's (same casing as this one) that is now in the possession of the Bulova Museum and mine. Ken, do you recall if yours has a case serial number?

A true treasure!

1932 Calendar

Geoff Baker
Posted January 22, 2022 - 9:37pm

It's a unicorn, might be three of a kind but a unicorn nonetheless. This is just amazing. The lack of serial number is interesting, I note that the patent date for the dust cover is also missing. Again, I think we'll have to tag it as 1932 Bulova Calendar.

I don't see the one Ken owned in the dB, here's a photo I took in the museum of a display tray, I suspect this is the watch?

1932 Calendar in the museum

Posted January 23, 2022 - 1:48am

I believe the above mentioned watch in the Bulova museum is one the Richard sold them, meaning there are 5 'known' examples.

  1. Stephen - Tonneau
  2. Stephen - Square
  3. Richard (Museum) - Tonneau (same as 1)
  4. Ken (Museum) - Tonneau (same as 1)
  5. Bob - Tonneau
Posted January 23, 2022 - 6:56am

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The Richard and Ken examples are the same watch, per new info from Ken below. So, we have confirmation of the existence of 4 - 1932 Calendar watches:

3 with a 10AC movement

1 with a 13AC movement.

Posted January 23, 2022 - 12:40pm

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Not sure if Richard had another one, but I sold mine to him (along with a few others) and he then put it in the museum. The one in the museum photo above is the one I sold Richard.

I never added it to the database, since it belonged to another member of the site. I can add it if that is okay.

Posted January 23, 2022 - 5:27pm

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I vote for add it :o) I don't really think the museum will take issue with it as long as you credit them. Stephen, your call.

Posted January 24, 2022 - 10:23pm

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Working towards the big picture and understanding these watches, we  should also include the partial 13AC movement listed in the movements category without a case. Both known examples are stamped with a "T" and "shield"

13AC: 727851 (whole watch), 727763 (movement - loose)

Geoff Baker
Posted January 23, 2022 - 9:11pm

Add it Ken - please!