WTB crown #825W

Submitted by Pucciowitz on June 7, 2023 - 5:39am
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Hi all,

I'm a new member, so I take chance to say hello to all of you!

I'm looking for a crown, 6.5mm diameter and 2.5mm tube... the reference should be 825W.

The Bulova is a Chronograph "D", 909 case, with 14EBD movement (7734). 

Someone have a spare?



The Bulova Lone Eagle Watch

The 'Bulova Lone Eagle' watch was first released on June 17, 1927. Read the first ever full story published online that focused on the history of the Bulova Lone Eagle watch series.

See a timeline of events that looks at the key dates surrounding the Bulova Watch Prize, the watches given to Charles Lindbergh and the eventual release of the now famous and highly collectable 1927 Bulova Lone Eagle watch.

Expandable band for Bulova Academy Award

Submitted by JermR82 on May 27, 2023 - 1:28pm
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Hello, I have an original band for the  1950 Bulova Academy Award W but it's too small. I located another band and I'd like to add or take away links. Does this band come apart? I'd attach a picture but I'm not sure how.

This is the band on someone else's watch on here but the same as I have 


Looking for 1949 BULOVA 'Engineer' Swiss Gents Dress Watch

Submitted by jameswg on May 26, 2023 - 12:25am
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Recently found my father’s watch, which is way beyond repair but I was able to get the model number and do a little research. I was referred to you after writing to the Bulova company. I would love to replace the watch and proudly wear it. I appreciate any help you can give me in my quest. 
Thank you