I found this quite interesting... 1950's ad

Submitted by plainsmen on December 13, 2011 - 8:58pm

I don't know the exact date on this... but it was a two paged ad.  Bulova movements and Elgin movments in what seem to be high end diamond ladies cases?  Was this a partnership at one time I'm sure?

Usually when your looking at recases your looking at old Anchor brand or some of the others.... but these seem very specificly marketed as a bit higher scale?

Posted December 13, 2011 - 8:59pm

I haven't done any research on the Allerton brand... as I'm feeling quite lazy tonight and have a job interview in the morning I'm studying for.

Posted December 13, 2011 - 9:06pm

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Career change?? Master watchemaker at the local jewelry store?...Not enough excitment for you Plains...; )

Posted December 13, 2011 - 10:33pm

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Same field... promotion and would have to uproot and move the family... but we'll see how she goes!