Bulova Oceanographer 666 Devil Diver ref 714 is this ok?

Submitted by Claustro on March 29, 2022 - 2:07am

Hi all,

I friend of mine offered me this 1969 watch. 

I was unable to find online many resources regarding this model and I am having a problem understanding if all the parts are original and coeval

To me, all seems ok, even if I normally see the second hand in red.

I would like some expert advice ;-)


Bulova 666 front


Bulova 666 back


Bulova666 movment


Bulova 666 clasp

Posted March 29, 2022 - 3:01am

You can find the examples of the 1969 Bulova Oceanographer here: Bulova Models | myBulova.com

The watches we have in the database show both silver and red second hand variants.

Your watch looks all original to me, but others may be able to confirm.

Posted March 29, 2022 - 8:58am

Thank you very much for your answer.

I am searching for more info regarding the devil diver watch.

Is the "original" one automatic? because I saw that Bulova called oceanographer also Accutron based watches.

When the first oceanographer was built?

Thank you


Posted March 30, 2022 - 3:59am

So the Oceanographer "G" is basically what the new Devil Diver series was based on. We see the first one at about 1968 with an automatic movement.

1969 Bulova Linebook entry. We don't have any 1968 linebooks, so this is the first appearance we have.

1969 Bulova Oceanographer "G"

Posted March 30, 2022 - 4:14am

Thank you !  I am waiting for receiving the watch in the next days . Meanwhile, I am trying to learn more regarding the history of this model.