Bulova Sputnik and its steel bracelet

Submitted by Ross Logan on September 14, 2021 - 3:45pm

Watch front

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Bracelet i want

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Hello to all. I have three questions for you.
In photograph number 1 (front) and 2 (back) you can see my Bulova Sputnik watch (I think it's called that) fitted with a light and non-original bracelet. I wanted to know any information about it, as I don't know anything about this watch.
In photo 3 you can see what I believe to be his original 22mm metal bracelet. I ask if someone can help me because I would like to buy it.
In photos 3 and 4 I have a bracelet which I think is original and which should fit my sputnik (fits 17 to 22mm). Could someone tell me if you know this bracelet and know which watch it belonged to and which decade it belongs to?
Thank you all.

Geoff Baker
Posted September 15, 2021 - 9:53pm

Hi Ross - I've always wondered where the 'sputnik' moniker for this watch comes from. I've heard it said that it's shaped like the 1957 Russian satellite but it really isn't shaped like the Sputnik at all. Sputnik was a round ball of polished steel 23 inches in diameter with four antenna attachments. I would be very (VERY) surprised if Bulova, a 100% American company named a watch after a 13 years in the past Russian space craft. I think it's safe t say that the name Sputink was "associated" with this watch somewhere along the way and has (unfortunately I think) stuck. We would classify this as an Accutron Calendar watch as that's what Bulova would have referred to it as at the time it was made.

I'm not 100% certain whether is came mounted on a strap or a bracelet but if it was a bracelet it most likely would have had a tuning fork on the clasp. The bracelet you show in the last two photos is clearly a Bulova product but I doubt it was original to any Bulova watch as they didn't use bracelets with spring adjusted ends like the one you show. We really don't have a way to identify the era of the bracelet. It seems it might have been an aftermarket product the made for dealer but again, we have no way of knowing.

While it's possible to find an original bracelet I suggest finding one that suits your taste and budget. It's a great looking watch. PS - when you buy a replacement bracelet, ALWAYS make sure it's long enough to fit around your wrist.

Ross Logan
Posted September 16, 2021 - 6:59am

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Hi. A heartfelt thanks for all the information you wanted to share with me.  


Could you help me find this bracelet? 

Geoff Baker
Posted September 16, 2021 - 12:06pm

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Not really but there are eBay sellers the specialize in vintage watch straps and bracelets. Make sure you measure the lug spacing accurately.