Looking for a date hand for a 1956 Bulova 23 Calendar, 10BPAD

Submitted by numberlock76 on March 25, 2021 - 11:53am

I was incredibly lucky enough to pick up this 1956 23 Calendar yesterday, this watch has been on my bucket list for ages. Unfortunately, the date hand wasn't present. It's not under the crystal or lost in the movement, it's just not there. I removed the movement from the case to learn the dial posts are also missing so the only thing holding the dial in position are the winding stem and the hands. Right now, it's keeping time very well... but I was wondering if anyone might have a date hand for this watch? I'd imagine they're not easy to come by these days. I believe the part number is #565, B-17 for a 1956 10BPAD. I'm happy to trade for parts you might need or let me know how much you'd like for the hand! 

Finally, any tips for replacing the dial posts? I seem to remember there's a new method or product for this but it escapes me at the moment. Thank you in advance!

1956 Bulova 23 Calendar