Snorkel "G" and "F" Crown and Winding Stem question.

Submitted by Bayrat on March 2, 2021 - 8:48am

I have two Bulova Snorkels a 1968 “G” and a 1966 “F” that are going in for a movement service once I have all the parts needed to get them back to original. While in the shop and the watches are apart both crystals are being replaced with NOS #383-3AWD Crystals which I just purchased and have in hand. The 1968 Snorkel needs the crown replaced to original stock. The 1966 Snorkel needs a crown and winding stem.   

As you all know both the Bulova Snorkel 1966 and 1968 have a 11ALACD movement. Reading on the internet and this forum it looks like I need to order Bulova part #16A long stem and Bulova crown #386-3W.

I have found those parts online. My problem - I don’t know if the parts I found online are the “exact” parts I need? The part numbers are labeled a little different. Example for the #16A long stem, I have found several Bulova parts that have “#16A Long Stem” in the parts description. But these parts also have different numbers on the packaging like Bulova 6CL, Bulova 7AM, Bulova 7EDA, Bulova 10BRC, Bulova 11ANAC. Will any “Bulova #16A Long Stem” fit and work for my 1966 Bulova Snorkel?

Same situation with the Bulova Crown #386-3W. I have found a Bulova Crown “#386-3” NOT A Bulova Crown “#386-3W” The only difference in the description is the “W” is missing from the description. will this crown work for both the 1966 and 1968 Snorkel?

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise on this matter!

Geoff Baker
Posted March 2, 2021 - 9:19pm

Typically a part number will be the same (example16A) for several movements, the other numbers like 11ANAC designate it it part number 16A for the movement 11ANAC. That does not mean that all those movements use the exact same part but that on the diagram for that movement, the stem is #16. You need to match the movement number first and foremost, You need 16A for the 11ALACD.

Regarding the crown, I suspect the "W" denotes the COLOR of the crown, 'white' can mean either white gold or, in your case stainless steel.

Hope that helps

Posted April 1, 2021 - 2:24pm

Yes, thank you Geoff! I cant find the crown anywhere, its a waiting game now.