Need a part number for second hand

Submitted by What Does Your… on February 12, 2021 - 8:51am

I picked up a nice 23 jewel 10BPAC movement in a steel case.

The second hand is broken and I'm trying to find the correct part number for an old stock second hand.  I've read the archived PDF files but I can't figure out the correct code.

I've included a pic of my watch (first pic) and a pic of a watch with the correct second hand (second pic).




My bulova1


Posted February 12, 2021 - 6:25pm

If that has a 10 BPAC movement, it would take a #65C silver Fils sweep second hand from a 10 BMC movement. The hole would be .18mm. I'll look through my parts and see if I have one for you. 

What Does Your…
Posted February 16, 2021 - 1:04pm

Thanks for your reply numberlock76.  The movement is a 10BPAC, I guess I should have included that.  I contacted a local ebay seller who has a good supply of Bulova parts and he had the correct hand.  I'll post a pic when it arrives and i install it.