Family Heirloom

Submitted by JeffHarper on October 28, 2020 - 12:48pm

Hey guys.  My first time here.  Cool website.  I've enjoyed looking through some of the old adverts and watch catalog.

 I just received the pictured time piece that was my grandfather's. It was returned to my aunt upon his war-time death in France in 1944.  I'm looking for information on the model, and trying to decide what to do with the watch.  I'm thinking about having it restored, or at least having the crystal replaced.  Is this generally done on a piece of this age? Do people usually display these pieces in their home?  Or maybe even wear them on occasion?  Any input or advice is much appreciated!


Posted October 30, 2020 - 9:27am

Hi, nice heirloom indeed. Please click on the "identify your Bulova watch" link on the home page and submit your watch for panel identification and discussion.

Kathy L.
Posted October 30, 2020 - 8:52pm

Welcome to MyBulova!  Yes please add your watch to the section in the comment above.  We love heirlooms and would love to help you identify your grandfather's wartime watch.  It is a personal preference to keep a watch as is or to have it restored.  I like to clean them, replace the crystal and bands if needed.  In your case I would keep the band or at least replace the band but keep the original for sentimental value.  It looks like a great piece, congrats on having it.

Benjamin Barrera
Posted November 6, 2020 - 11:36pm

That's a fantastic watch!  Heirloom watches are irreplaceable because of the family history behind it.  Crystals are often cracked or missing so it's common to replace them.  These movements are simple so a competent watchmaker will be able to get it back in running condition. 

I have several watches from this period that I've restored and I wear them regularly.  However, I don't like to use old straps because they are fragile and easy to break.  Besides, that's the strap your grandfather wore so there's no way to replace it.  Best to set it aside and get a new one.  Similar fabric straps are available and they are not expensive at all.