1953 Bulova Surgeon Second Hand anybody?

Submitted by Pachuco76 on May 17, 2020 - 2:57pm

Hi guys. Looking for a spare second hand for my 1953 (L3) Surgeon with the 10BUC movement. Do any of you has one you are willing to let go? Thanks in advance.

Posted May 18, 2020 - 11:57pm

Compatible hands are:

  • 11ABC
  • 10AEcs
  • 10AWcs
  • 10AXcs
  • 10BAC
  • 10BCC
  • 10BTC
  • 10ZCC
  • 10ZOC
Posted May 22, 2020 - 8:00am

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Thanks! The Senator has a tiny second hand. Do any of these movements take a second hand like the Senator?

Posted May 22, 2020 - 10:34pm

I checked and unfortunately I do not have this one.  

Posted May 23, 2020 - 2:53pm

This is what I have:1OBCC R12(RED),10BCC B12 AND B18.Let me know if any of these will fit.

Posted May 25, 2020 - 10:47am

No charge,I'm just trying to pay forward since someone here was good to me.Just e-mail me an address and I'll send it to you, 


Posted May 25, 2020 - 11:47am

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Hello Denis, thanks so much! Question though... are those three hands same size? Whats the difference between the three? I’d like the red hand but if out of the three one is  gold that would be my preference. 

Posted May 25, 2020 - 11:56am

The red one is R12 which should be 12 mm long,the other two are B12 and B18 which are blue 12 and 18 mm long.You should measure which one would fit.Sorry I do not have a gold one. 

Posted May 25, 2020 - 12:09pm

Thanks for the response. Is it 12mm long all the way (front to back)? Tip to tip?

Posted May 25, 2020 - 1:09pm

What you have to do is measure the distance from the pinion to the seconds track to see what lenght you need  or mabe ask someone who has the same watch as you.The 12's are aprox 5.50mm from center to tip the 18 is aprox 8.80 mm center to tip.If you need the longer one you could probably just paint it red as I think most of the Medicos had red seconds hand(I could be wrong on that point though).

Posted May 25, 2020 - 1:15pm

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It measures around 6.70mm from pinion to seconds track... any idea if there is a second hand that measures around that?

Posted May 25, 2020 - 3:59pm

Could you post a picture of the watch?


Posted June 22, 2020 - 12:03pm

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Sorry for taking so long to answer, I hadn’t noticed you asked me to post a picture. Unfortunately, I can’t. I don’t own a computer. I have tried with my phone but it won’t allow me to upload a picture.

Posted December 20, 2020 - 3:37pm

I am going back to the search again. Denupnorth, my email address is [email protected]. If you don’t mind could you write me there? I can send you a picture to your email through my phone.