Help finding part - double tooth hour wheel for 10CRACD

Submitted by Tourspin on March 4, 2020 - 1:18pm

I'm brand new to the site. I also try and do very basic watch restoration for myself. But I'm certainly an amateur. I'm having a problem with a Bulova Self Winding 30 jewel watch I purchased sometime back. The minute and hour hands wouldn't move, but would advance while setting time. I figured the cannon pinion needed to be tightened. When I took the dial off, removed calendar parts, i tried to lift the hour wheel and the tube broke in half. It actually looked like someone tried to krimp it in the past or something. I went ahead and ordered a new cannon pinion from caskers, but cannot find the hour wheel (tried casker and jewels borel).  I think I need part #599 for the 10CRACD movement. I researched and found Daves and Scotch watch I think. Haven't received any word back from them. Struck out with ebay as well.  Does anyone have any other suggestions, or places to try? I'll try to upload a couple of pics. Thank You for any help or guidance you could provide cannon pinion and hour wheel- Andy

Posted March 5, 2020 - 2:10pm

I've found it!! Primrose Supply in Utah. We'll see what happens.  Part #599 for 10CRACD came in two heights, 2.15mm and 2.30mm. My brotha from anotha motha, Bill at Primrose had 2 wheels of different heights, so he sold me one and sent the other at N/C in case it was the wrong height. He said both wheels have been in his inventory for over 30 years.

The saga isn't over yet. I still have to install and see if it works. I'll update.

Thanks - Andy