Bulova Art Deco Ladies' watches 1922 - 1930

This new eBook, 10 years in the making, was published on October 28 2022, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the first Bulova Saturday Evening Post advertisement.

Created by Edmund Alexander Klophaus (one of our very own panel members), this first of its kind eBook contains a total 695 pages and details a vast amount of information, historical facts and showcases many amazing examples of early jeweled ladies watches produced by the Bulova Watch Company between 1922 and 1930.

The eBook is available for a symbolic price of US$69.50


Inspired by the iconic original introduced in 1973 during “The Golden Age of the Bulova Chronograph,” myBulova.com and Bulova are proud to present the Archive Re-edition of the sensational timepiece, known as the “Parking Meter”. The return of the coveted classic features the reimagined signature design of the dial configuration, resembling a classic parking meter – which gives this model its notable nickname.


The Computron was reinterpreted for D-CAVE evolving its original design by adding visual concepts inspired by the gaming world, and will be launched embracing the full spectra of the metaverse, endorsed by the world’s top gamers and presented in a dedicated space in Decentraland.

Bulova Unveils Rare Mil-Ships Dive Watch

Historically known for its relationship with the U.S. military, Bulova produced various Mil-Spec timepieces at the request of the government, particularly through WWII. 

64 years after the first prototype was born, Bulova is proud to unveil its latest Archive Series timepiece inspired by the original MIL-SHIPS-W-2181 watch.

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Receive a free copy of the Bulova, A History of Firsts book ($175 value) when you purchase the Limited Edition MIL-SHIP-W-2181 Submersible!

First with Worldwide Collectors | Bulova Collector Series

As part of the new Youtube Bulova Collector Series which features Michael Benavente, Managing Director of Bulova, I was privileged enough to participate in what is a fascinating video series, which looks at the amazing history of the brand, through interviews with watch collectors, industry experts, and brand historians.

I invite you to watch the series and this video which delves into the origins of myBulova.com and how the site came to be a valuable online resources for vintage Bulova watches and the world-wide online community.

Carl Rosen talks with Philippe Soussand about the history of Bulova

Philippe Soussand, fashion consultant at Iguatemi, talks to Carl Rosen, historian of Bulova, the renowned watch brand created in 1875 in New York.

Carl had a long career in brand management, becoming an expert in his creations and trajectory, creating the first museum on the history of Bulova.

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The Apollo 15 Bulova Chronograph Watch

In February 2014, before the public knew of the existence of this watch, myBulova.com sent an email to the owner Dave Scott, requesting permission to release the first photograph of the Bulova chronograph wristwatch worn by Commander Scott during the Apollo 15 mission on the surface of the moon.

It was with great pleasure that on March 21 2014, myBulova.com was the first website in the world to publicly acknowledge the existence of this watch, the first and only Bulova watch to be worn by an astronaut on the surface of the moon.

When myBulova.com members meet.

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I thought it about time we started a forum where we can post pictures of myBulova.com members meeting. A few years back I was delighted to hear that a couple of members met to share a beer and a yarn about their Bulova watch addiction, ah I mean collection. Prior to myBulova.com these members were total strangers and it's a wonderful feeling to know that this site has made some lasting friendships...no marriages yet (plenty of divorces maybe..joking) but it's only a matter of time before His Excellency meets and marrys Her Excellency.