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Various Bulova Movements FS

Hello Here is a list of movements I have for sale

6ae, 17j, 1936

7aa, 21j, 1949 (two of these)

7ak, 21j, 1947

7ak, 21j, 1949

8ah, 17j, 1946

10ae, 15j, 1935

10ae, 15j, 1936

10ae, 17j, 1937 (two of these)

10an, no date code

10ba, two date codes 1944 and 1945, 17j

10bc, 17j, 1945

10bc, 15j, 1950

10bcc, 17j, 1950

10bm, 21j, 1950 (two of these)

10buc, 17j, 1954

10cmc, 17j, 1952

10cpacd, 23j

11ac, 17j, 1955

11acac, parts

11afc, 17j, 1961

11al, 17j, 1965


8ea, 17j, 1970

5ar, 23j, 1965

6gd or something like that it is a very small movement smaller than the 5ar.  it is new old stock.

if interested send pm with offer.  shipping will be 3.00 up to three movements, then 1.00 for each two thereafter.  I can send pictures if you let me know what you are interested in.  thanks John