New Bulova watch ads 1920-1929

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Post your new Bulova watch ads from 1920-1929 here.

IMPORTANT: When adding adverts please try and also include the models referenced. This helps when searching the site.

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Lady Maxim


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From the 1924 Catalog "Masters of the Jewelers Art". S. Kind & Sons Philadelphia

I am certain the model numbers are not Bulova numbers but for this catalog. But some great ads.

1924 Masterpiece Ad1924 Masterpiece Ad 21924 Masterpiece Ad 31924 Masterpiece Ad 41924 Masterpiece Ad 51924 Masterpiece ad 61924 Masterpiece Ad 7

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Now these are super cool. Note the Conqueror corner design. We have an example in the data base that matches this styling. The first time we've seen this 

I tend to agree that the model numbers aren't Bulova official numbers. For example the above 4628 is listed as 5714S in the May 17, 1927 SEP.

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I was stoked when I found them.  The numbers are the catalog numbers for this book as you can see the Longines is a consecutive number to the Bulova's.   Those ladies diamond watches are awesome.   

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Bulova 6724-F with butterflies on the ends, ad from The_Beatrice_Daily_Express_Sat__Sep_29__1923_

ad 1923

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Full ad The_Beatrice_Daily_Express_Sat__Sep_29__1923_

full ad

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I think I finally found a match (at least to the case) to this unknown.


Yonkers Statesman

28 Dec 1928, Fri · Page 5


The Akron Beacon Journal

12 Apr 1929, Fri · Page 22


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I know this has been discussed before but I believe we need to consider Bulova Treasure as a model name.   See this 1928 ad. I originally thought this was a Lafayette misprint but the lugs on the ad are definitely not molded into the bezel.  

1928 Bulova Treasure

The Vancouver Sun

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · Saturday, April 14, 1928

Bulova Treasure

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Here is another ad this one from 1929 showing a 1929 Bulova Treasure.  Note the distinct lug style.

1929 Bulova Treasure

Lansing State Journal

Lansing, Michigan · Friday, May 17, 1929

Bulova Treasure


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Disregard the last two emails.  I thought the lugs were different but clearly a Treasurer.  My Bad.


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The Oredigger - School of Mines, Volume 10, Number 6, October 8, 1929   "ADMIRAL"

The Oredigger - School of Mines, Volume 10, Number 6, October 8, 1929 ADMIRAL

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Evening star (Washington, District of Columbia) · 14 Dec 1924, Sun · Page 121

1924 Ad

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1923 Bulova Lady Maxim

17J White Gold filed case, exploding hour markers.

The Salem News (Salem, Ohio) · 13 Apr 1923, Fri · Page 6

23 Lady Maxim

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1927 Bulova Mayfair (a new name for the database)

1927 Bulova Rectangular (Looks to be a Princine but different style engraving on the dial.  Adding it here for discussion)

The Enid Daily Eagle (Enid, Oklahoma) · 6 May 1927, Fri · Page 2


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From the Catalog "Masters of the Jewelers Art". S. Kind & Sons Philadelphia.  I am not certain of the date but believe this to be 1928

The model numbers are not Bulova numbers but for this catalog. But some great ads.

Kind Catalog

Kind Catalog

Kind Catalog 3

Kind Catalog 4

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Omaha World-Herald (Omaha, Nebraska) · 21 Jun 1929, Fri · Page 17

1929 Bulova Laurel

1929 Bulova Bernard

1929 Bulova Eloise

1929 Bulova Franklin

Bernard eloise


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Bulova Watch Avaitors - The Bismarck Tribune (October-26-1927)

1927 Bulova Watch Avaitors - The-Bismarck-Tribune-October-26-1927

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Saturday Evening Post (1926)

1926 ad

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The above ad is from 1926. I apparently didn't type the 9 when I posted it.