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Need informations about a mistery model 857 39 14 of Bulova royal oak

Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum but I follow him since few months ago. I create an account for share my bulova royal oak model.I'm currently trying to find informations about this model and I have found 2 interresting old adverts.  The first is praticaly the same model with a model number : 4420102

And the second advert with the model number : 857 39 14

We can see easly that the shape is not the same that the previous and screw are in different positions, and the model number is not the same. 

My question is : Have you ever seen this watch with this model number : 857 39 14 ?

Thank you in advance.

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Reverend Rob
Panel Member
Posted June 3, 2019 - 1:48am

That's a new one for me, but clearly in the same series as the other one. 

The rumour or theory is that this was designed by Gerald Genta, but this is based solely on the fact that it looks so much like the Genta-designed Royal Oak. Bulova was never brought to task about it, so uyou have to wonder why. Was it licensed by Genta at the time? Maybe Audemars Piguet didn't have full copyright ownership.

A few years ago, I asked Henry at Bulova in Queens about this and he said he'd look into it, but as far as I know, he didn't find any further info. 


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Posted June 3, 2019 - 4:04pm

Thank you very much for your informations !

Mystery around these models!

Kathy L.
Panel Member
Posted June 3, 2019 - 7:54pm

It is very nice you have an ad for your watch.  It would be great if we can attach it to your watch post.

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Posted June 4, 2019 - 12:24pm

Hi, it's not my ad, I found on websites