Military A-11, 10AKCSH: Set lever spring needed

Submitted by Carsten on May 11, 2019 - 7:39am

Dear All,


first I would like to introduce myself as this is my first post here: I am a watch enthusiast, located in Hamburg, Germany and I try to do all needed watch repair by my own. My father was a watchmaker and I learned a lot a nd I do have more tools available than I am able to use...

Recently, I bought an US Military Bulova A-11 which has the 6B/234 markings of the British Air Ministry as well. Very nice watch.

Currently the watch is disassembled for overhaul and unfortunately a part is broken. The needed part is the #28, Setting Lever Spring or Yoke Bridge for a cal 10AKCSH.

Does anyone have by chance this part for sale?I would be very happy if one could offer it to me! I have found nothing in the internet so far. Same result in the online stores known to me like cousins or Borel.

I did already some research on this: According to the interchange catalog, the setting lever spring for caliber 10AK (without the center second hacking) will not fit. There is no interchangeable part mentioned for the 10AKCSH.

I found some yoke bridges available for the cal. 10AN on the internet which look pretty much the same like the one I need. It seems that the spring part itselself is not not bended but straight, so it will certainly not be a plug and play solution. I fear it will not be easy to adapt it to fit.

I hope someone can offer the original one to me.

Thank you verymuch in advance,