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Bulova Commander 1964

Hi, first of all I would thank every one involved for this resource. I had three questions on a Bulova commander 1964 with a COAC movement.

When I open the case, the inside is stamped made in W. Germany, I am puzzled??

Second question is that the stem is loose, does this model watch use a stem sleeve ?

Last question is about the crown, is there a specific part number for the crown?

Thank you in advance for any information that you may provide.

Hope to post pictures soon.



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Reverend Rob
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Posted January 10, 2019 - 1:44pm

The cases for these were indeed sourced from Germany, there may not be any reason other than it was a quality case and convenient for Bulova or the market they were selling them in at the time.

The stem tube is missing, and is specific to the crown. The tube press fits into the case and may or may not have a similar diameter outside the case. It depends on the crown, so you could take any crown and get a tube that matches it as well as the case. Best bet is to get a watchmaker to do it, they will have hundreds of tubes to choose from. As to what the actual original crown is supposed to be, I don't know, hopefully somebody can chime in on that.

You can also go with whatever crown fits the circular cut out on the side of the case. Watchmakers usually have a lot of crowns kicking around, even signed Bulova ones.