Bulova 1971 Deep Sea Chronograph parts needed

Submitted by dan6336 on May 7, 2016 - 10:03am

I am in the processes of repairing / restoring  a Bulova Deep Sea Chronograph (link from this sight http://www.mybulova.com/watches/1971-deep-sea-chronograph-1769) for a customer and am looking to source some parts.  Main things needed are a crystal, bezel, and rear gasket.  I might need a mainspring depending on how well this thing runs after a good cleaning, and the bezel spring if the new bezel does not come with one.

Serial numnber is "3    255277"

Year marker is "N1"

Here are some pictures of the watch.  The resolution came out a bit rough, so I typed in some of the  details.  If anyone has parts, or knows the best place to get parts that would be helpful.  My usual search places could only offer a crystal without the bezel ring lip, and no one had bezels.  Thanks again for any info.


Reverend Rob
Posted May 12, 2016 - 10:13am

Those crystals that are indented on the armée ring to accept the dial are like hen's teeth. Not all the models had the lip as shown in your picture, but in some of the models in this series the ring on the inside of the crystal is also stepped very slightly to allow the dial to seat in it. Bulova used them on a variety of diver watches, and regular diver type crystals do not work. The crystal will have the case reference on the package, if that helps. In this case, it is usually the engraved three digit number, 825. The only place to find another bezel or bezel insert is from a donor watch, so you may need to find another of these. It would have to be the same case reference number. 

I should also mention these crystals are exceedingly snug, so you may want to get a watchmaker to remove the old and install the new one. It would be frustrating to find the crystal then have it damaged. That said, these watches are NOT waterproof, nor do I believe they would take the pressure indicated on the dial. For that you truly need screw down crowns.

Posted May 14, 2016 - 3:08pm

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Thank you for the info!  I was able to find a crystal through esslinger.com.  It is pretty snug (I have a crystal removal and replacement tool) and I was able to replace the gasket with a replacement also from esslinger.  I agree about finding a bezel and that might be a bridge too far.  My customer said he was ok with keeping the original as he does not intend to use this for anything more than an everyday wear watch.  I can just make out the markings on the bezel and thought I might be able to do something with them, but will not do anything more than add lume to the 12 o'clock hole perhaps.  I dont want to stray too far away from the original version of this watch as it looks pretty good as is.

I imaing that this will be "casual water contact" at best and doubt it will see any real water action, but you bring up a very good point about the water tightness of this watch.

My next steps will be to give the movement a good COA and get it back in service.

Thanks for your help!


Posted August 27, 2016 - 4:35pm

Dan, what G-S crystal did you end up using for this one?


Posted February 6, 2019 - 7:04am

Posted April 17, 2020 - 4:40pm

This is an old thread but hoped someone might answer a question about the deep sea chrono. Is this a screw down back or friction fit? If a screw down, is there a specialized wrench to remove the back? Never worked on one before and have just received one.



Reverend Rob
Posted April 17, 2020 - 9:41pm

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This is a screw down case back, it uses a Bulova Octagonal case wrench, but you can get by using the flat sided pins in a regular Jaxa wrench.

Posted April 18, 2020 - 9:05am

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The Jaxa wrench is what I used to get it loose and then a case back ball to remove it the rest of the way, and then opposite to tighten it.

Posted April 18, 2020 - 12:44pm

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Thanks, just wanted to confirm it was a screw down. I didn’t want to start trying to remove it with a case wrench if it was friction fitted. I found the correct pins in the original box my LG wrench came in. Got the back off no problem.