1960s Sea Master?

Submitted by grandpaswatch on October 19, 2014 - 12:58pm

I'm hoping the experts here can help me identify this Bulova that my grandfather left behind after passing away last year.

Looking through old Bulova photos, the dial looks most like a Sea Master, but I haven't seen anything with these style hands, and there's no whale mark. The back is also interesting. There's no markings on whatsoever. Perhaps it was a fake, or he had an aftermarket backing put in.

It's very small. I first thought maybe it was my grandmothers.

I'd also like to get it cleaned and repaired to working order—if that's possible. Any help, advice, comments, are great appreciated.


Posted October 19, 2014 - 3:07pm

Hi, your watch is a 1950's Seabee.

This style watch has a sealed case back, and there is a compression ring  and a removable bezel ring holding the crystal in place. The inside of the case back holds all markings for serial numbers and date mark/numbers. The stem attached to the crown is of the two-piece variety, with a male and female parts.

This style is known as a "military style" as can be gauged from it's name, and were very water resistant.

Pplease have it serviced, as it will give you and your decendants something to enjoy for many years to come, if it is looked after.

Enjoy your heirloom!