Tightening the friction pinion on 11AO* movements

Submitted by GuyMontag on March 24, 2023 - 2:48pm

Is it possible to tighten the friction pinion on the 11AO* series movements? It has this oddball setup with a brass washer that sits in the cutout at the top of the friction pinion:

Friction Pinion


I've tried closing the hole with two round faced stumps but without any success:



I've also tried the same on the brass washer but it didn't close the hole it just widened the washer. I don't know why they didn't just use the 11AN* friction pinion as that one interchanges with the 11AO* and is easily tightened.

If anyone has a method to tighten these it would be much appreciated.

Posted March 24, 2023 - 5:31pm

I've struggled with this one too; not sure if there is a way to adjust, but would also like to know.

Posted March 30, 2023 - 11:14pm

Same here.  I struggled with this and finally just got a donor movement.