Looking For A Reputable Watch Repar For Two Old Bulovas

Submitted by JReynolds1948 on January 25, 2023 - 3:59pm

I am trying to locate a reputable watch repair facility to service two older Bulova watches.
I contacted Bulova and they don't work on anything that old.
They recommended that I contact the Vetran's Watch Maker Initiative which I have done and sent them pictures and information.
They are 8+ months behind and when you're 75 8 months can be a  long time.
I am in southern middle Tennessee.
Thanks for any assistance

The gold Bulova dress watch was my late father's.

The Bulova Snorkel was a high school graduation gift from my girlfriend (now wife) and late mother in 1966.

I have never seen another Bulova Snorkel with an internal bezel that rotates with a separate stem and crown.

Gold Bulova Dress Watch 23 Jewels

Gold Watch Face


Gold Watch Back


Serial # G392554 MC

Back Markings – 10kt R.G. Plate, Shock Resistant, Water Proof, Self Winding, Anti-Magnetic

Most likely made somewhere between 1969 and 1972

This watch does not run at all.

I would like to have this watch cleaned and serviced.


Bulova Snorkel

Snorkel Face


Snorkel Back

Snorkel Crowns

Made between 1965-1966

Back Markings – Super Waterproof 666ft, Swiss Made, Brevet 317527, Brevet 337472, S05104
There may be some errors in these numbers as my magnifier poweris wanting.        

This watch will run but gains about 19 seconds per minute.

I would like to have this watch cleaned and serviced.

Depending on cost and availability either a new crystal or have the current crystal polished

Geoff Baker
Posted January 25, 2023 - 8:48pm

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Posted January 26, 2023 - 1:58am

First watch is a 1963 Bulova Regatta. Best of luck with the servicing. I sure how you can add both these beauties to the site once they're done.