First Message and my Fist Vintage Bulova

Submitted by mario007 on August 16, 2022 - 10:06am

Hi All, 

this is my fist message and i just got this Bulova snorkel 666, to my eye it looks in a good condition, soon i will post some inside picture, now my question is is it worth to restore it? and also if you can tell me how much could be worth? no box or paper, watch only.


thanks for the help

Posted August 18, 2022 - 5:48am

As per the sites rules we do not provide evaluations on watches. With regards to the question of restoration, I think every serious collector would say yes. It's a great watch you have there and certainly sort after by many collectors.

Could I ask that if you do require more information or post more photos, you do so via adding your watch to the sites database as a record for others:

It would be wonderful to see this beauty restored, even it's just a new crystal.

Posted August 18, 2022 - 6:58am

Thanks for the reply I will add it to the database.

So if someone kindly can tell me what I need to change to restore to factory standard it will be great and also where potentially I can get the part. Luckily the watch running.

Thanks for the help unfortunately I'm not an expert of Bulova

Posted September 5, 2022 - 10:41pm

Congratulations on your first Vintage Bulova.  Your first watch is an awesome find.  Those Snorkels are classics.  As for restoring to factory condition, I would say a big no.   I am from the camp that a watch tells it's history by its condition and should be kept as orginal as possible.  Firstly I would have the crystal replaced but don't touch the dial.  I love the patina the way it is. Just a service overall and new crystal and wear your watch with pride.  

Posted September 6, 2022 - 2:59am

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thank you for your message, i will consider your suggestion. However i do have two concerns the first one would you change the hands to the original one? if so if some could please tell me the part code or where can i source them, and the second is the write "bulova" on the dial is not raised.

Those details has been pointed to me, so i don't know if this watch has been serviced with non confirming parts, i would really like to restore it to factory standards

Posted September 26, 2022 - 1:46am

Anyone can tell me the part number for the original hands ?

Thank you

Posted September 26, 2022 - 5:50am

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Thank you for your reply by any chance do you know the part number?

Posted September 26, 2022 - 9:21am

I'll try to help you. The Bulova part number for the hour and minute hands is #63-64. The 11ALACD movement uses the same hands as the 10CBAC movement and the hands will come in a packaged labeled for the 10CBAC movement. The silver luminus hands will be labeled "SL". Then you need to know the length of the hands you need. To determine the length you need, you measure in millimeters the diameter of the outside of the minutes track on the dial, not the diameter of the entire dial. 

So the part package you would want to search for would be labeled "10CBAC" (that will be printed inside a rectangular shaped outline) with #63-64 and under that will be printed "SL and the length". Under that will be printed "Luminus".