Salesman's Cases for Pocket Watches

Submitted by sathomasga on April 24, 2022 - 4:33pm

Did Bulova ever make salesman's cases (aka exhibition casebacks) for their pocket watches? Or are there other salesman's cases that would hold a 17AH movement?

I recently located my grandfather's pocket watch; it had laid dormant in a box for over 40 years. It still runs perfectly, though it could use a bit of a cleanup. When I opened the caseback to get details on the movement, I found myself absolutely mesmerized watching it in action. It's so nice to see something so resolutely physical in today's digital world. That experience made me consider looking for an exhibition caseback. I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice the authenticity, but I'd definitely like to know about any options before handing it over to a watchmaker for restoration.

(For anyone interested, I've submitted the details to the my watch database. I'm happy to provide more information while that review/approval is pending.)

Thanks in advance.

Posted May 7, 2022 - 3:16pm

Salesman 'cases' (open face style which have screw down bezels on both front AND back) can be found.  however, you'll need to search for them (most likely eBay).  be sure to get a case that matches the 'movement' you have. not ALL movement will 'fit' these cases.  and most likely, the seller will not know if it will fit (your movement to the case).  once you make the purchase, I recommends you take it to a 'competent' watchmaker for fitting. another solution is... there 'are' businesses making 'wrist watch' style cases that will allow pocket watch movements to be installed. who those are, I'm not exactly sure.  you'll have to search the web.  but they are there.  good luck.


Posted May 7, 2022 - 8:13pm

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Thank you for all of the information. It's super helpful.

Since I plan to use the watch (once restored) as a desk clock rather than carrying it in my pocket, I'm thinking about simply replacing the case back with the bezel and crystal from a non-working "donor" watch (e.g. from ebay). And if I do want to carry it, I can restore the original case back. The only trick will be finding a donor that fits, but Bulova pocket watches seem to be relatively common on ebay, so maybe that won't be too difficult.