Bulova Serial Numbers

Unlike many other watch manufactures, Bulova did not record their serial numbers against watch models, or if they did this information has long been lost.

In many instances the case serial number can only be used to help determine the year of manufacture. This is usually dictated by the first number (prior to 1950). Click here for Bulova date codes.

The following serial numbers detail all the watches that have been entered into the myBulova.com site. If you have not added your watch to the site then you will not find a match for your watch serial number.

Please enter the first few numbers of either the movement or case serial number and you may find a watch that was manufactured around the same time as your watch or a watch that matches your model.

Mov # Case # Year Model Mov. Model
Unknown X39499 1965 Champion Not sure
unknown 4796423 1951 Academy Award unknown
unknown 1069696 1931 -Unknown 6AP
unknown 8170 1978 -Unknown 11BSACB
unknown unknown 1960 Accutron 342
Unknown 1859591 1947 Her Excellency Unknown
unknown 0368603 1940 -Unknown 7AP
unknown E638428 1960 President 10BZ
Unknown A59095 (M4) 1964 Regatta 23 Bulova
Unknown 1 - 180017 1967 Chronograph Unknown
unknown C97402 M7 1967 Accutron SpaceView unknown
Unknown A1206 1961 Military Issue 10 BNCH
Unknown 1047420 1931 Miss America 6AE
unknown 5197332 1945 Conrad 8AH
Unknown x49931 1967 -Unknown 5AT
Unknown 350540 1961 Snorkel Unknown
unknown 407421 1964 Diadem 5AR
Unknown 8847245 1938 Corrigan 10AE
unknown v137525 1960 Priscilla unknown
unknown M4 2 68128 1964 -Unknown unknown
Unknown 22900 1959 Military Issue 10BNCH
unknown BJ002887 1972 Oceanographer unknown
Use 7735731 1947 Barbara 5AB
Use 11003 1970 Diadem Swiss
Use RGP Back 1979 Accutron Mini Swiss 6948
USE F417808 1976 Accutron Calendar 2192.10
Valjoux 177733 604002 1970 Chronograph 14EB