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Posted November 20, 2012 - 1:12am

This is a "Bulova W. Co" pocket wacth movement. Diameter of dial is 37.75 so the plate is about the same. The dial is stamped, "Meroz-Hurst" on the back and the numerals appear to be elegantly hand-painted. There is NO Bulova on the dial. I have seen a 1920's Tiffany & Co 8 Day dial with "L. Meroz Hurst" stamped on it aavailable on Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/44MM-TIFFANY-CO-8-DAYS-WATCH-CLOCK-AUTOMOTIVE-CAR-CLOCK-DIAL-/160892656545 Anyway...I digress...back to the watch movement. The serial number is 1208774. On the dial plate side it has what looks like an 82. All the bridges, including the pallet bridge and balance cock, have "774" elegantly hand etched on them in old European style with the 7 crossed in the middle. Most have an "8" stamped on them. The only other markings is what you see, including the "Swiss" stamp. Must have been a high-quality pocket watch with 17 Jewels and 5 Adjustments. I wish I knew what case it came from...it must have got melted down by a gold scrapper (those bastards!) and he disposed of the movement on Ebay which I picked up for less then $10. Let me know if you can help identify this noice moevement and help me find a pendant wind case for it! DW

Reverend Rob
Posted July 25, 2018 - 10:31am

Very likely a 17R, although without the keyless works pic, we cannot know for sure. Both the 17R and 17TR are Bulova movts, and are indistinguishable using the keyless works fingerprint. 

My guess is there was a subtle change made to the regulator or balance.