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Adding your watch to the database

If you wish to add your watch to the website please read the following  and then select the "CONTINUE" link at the bottom.

  1. Bulova watches made prior to 1980 are only to be added.
  2. All watches will be initially entered into the database as "Unknown'.
  3. Please only add watches that were produced by Bulova before 1980.
    How to determine the age of your Bulova watch
  4. Please submit a clear photo of the front and back of your watch, and if possible the inside movement. Photos should JPG format and be no bigger than 700px wide and 250Kb in file size. To resize your photos you can use a free online tool like:
  5. myBulova panel members will each evaluate and post comments as to the model identification of your watch and then make a recommendation to the site administrator who will then correctly identify and list your watch for public viewing.
  6. During this process, panel members may ask you questions relating to your watch to help them correctly identify the model name and year of manufacture.
  7. Your watch identification will be marked as either confirmed, tentative or unknown.
  8. You will be advised when your watch has been identifed and listed for public viewing.
    (This process can take time as panel members are situated around the globe and volunteer their time.)

If you wish to have your watch listed in the "For Sale" secton of the site please check the 'For Sale' box when adding your watch.  A one off donation payment of  US$1 is required to be paid via PayPal before the watch is listed.

Watches added with little detail or poor quality photos will be removed. If you have any problems adding your watch please contact

Please do not ask for appraisals or evaluations on your watch.