Please HELP I am a total Noob

I bought a whole box of trashed watches off ebay well over a year ago and am just now getting around to meesing with them .I am trying to find out what style this watch is it is running and keeping perfect time it needs alittle tlc but that is expected .I just went through the box again and found 2 more Bulova's and 2 Caravelle's but right now I would like to know about this one.On the back case it is stamped Bulova M4 below that 10k RGF Bezel, Staninless Steel Back on the movement it is stamped Bulova Watch Co 11AF Seven Teen Jewels and the number 17 it also has BXW stamped on the plate and M4 unadjusted swiss there is also the number 38 stamped in the plate and it also looks like the number 94 is scratched into the plate right in fromt of the 34 Any help would be great Thanks


Watch Face













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Posted March 22, 2011 - 6:25am

M4 = 1964.

The model is a 'SQUADRON'

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Posted March 22, 2011 - 6:35am

 Welcome.  The date is 1964, determined from the date code M4.  If you go to the drop down on the page header for "Information" it will give you an option to determine age by deciphering the Bulova date codes.

Under the same drop down you can also access advertisements for the various years and hopefully find a match to your model.  The "Search" drop down will let you select from various watch models and movement identification.  Have fun.  I can't identify the model, as I do not see an ad with a sub-second chapter in the range of 1963-1965, but someone here will.

Posted March 22, 2011 - 9:53am

Thankis a bunch geezer_D this is an awesome site